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Workplaces like construction project sites, industries, mining sites, chemical laboratories are highly hazardous for the workers and operatives. Hence to minimize life risk, the management should provide them with proper personal protective equipment and protective gear. Additionally, they should also incorporate safety measures and guidelines for greater effect.

Causes of Workplace Accidents

  • Lifting heavy machinery
  • Sharp objects
  • Falling debris
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Operating heavy industrial machinery
  • Unfortunate tripping or falling
  • Lack of preparations, mental distractions

Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment for Workplace

Head Protection

While working at dangerous construction sites, you can easily get injured because of falling objects or debris. This is a common occurrence in industrial settings too. Due to heavy equipment operation like cranes, the employees are likely to injure their head, which can later develop into the problem of severe brain damage or death.

Hence, to ensure complete head safety, we recommend you to wear the following headgears –

  • Helmets
  • Hard hats
  • Bump caps
  • Guards
  • Accessories

There are three categories of industrial hard hats-

  • Class A: This protects against brutal impact, is resistant to penetration, and is safe for electrical hazards.
  • Class B: It ensures workers’ safety with the highest levels of protection against electrical threats, high-voltage shock, and burns.
  • Class C: Provides minimal impact protection but no protection from electric hazards.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

Face Shields

These are other types of protective gear that the workers are recommended to wear for maximized protection and safety. The workers can also opt for full-face respirators to avoid direct exposure to harmful chemicals and gases in such work settings.


Wearing hand gear is highly significant to protect yourself against vital injuries. It is meant for those workers who operate vibrating apparatus or machinery, face extreme heat or cold, suffer from cuts due to sharp/abrasive handling of objects, and face the risk of chemical burns.

The types of protective equipment are –

  • Work gloves
  • Cut resistance gloves
  • Gauntlets
  • Wrist cuff arm nets

Leg Gear

The manufacturers design the protective gears to ensure complete safety for the feet and legs. The workers suffer from leg cuts and injuries from working under extreme temperatures, crushing, slipping, piercing, cutting, electric shocks, etc. Hence they should wear sturdy PPE gear to avoid these circumstances.

  • Safety shoes with a firm grip and slip resistance
  • Anti-static conductive footwear

Hearing Protection

The workers engaged in heavy-duty work settings suffer from the problem of loud noise. This is mainly because of the operating machinery or manual industrial tasks done by the Labours. Consistent high levels of sound can damage your ears permanently. Hence, the management should provide ear protectors for utmost safety.

The right kind of protective equipment suitable for this circumstance is –

  • Acoustic foam
  • Earplugs and defenders
  • Noise meters

Body Protection

This is vital for the workers and Labour working in a hazardous work environment. The bodywear should protect them against extreme temperature, falling objects, drowning, accidents, chemical contamination, etc. The range of protective gear for full-body protection consists of –

  • Life jackets
  • PPE
  • Clothing according to weather and temperature
  • High visibility work garments
  • Bodywear with harness

Height Protection

The wide range of protective equipment and tools meant for the worker’s safety from high altitude falls are –

  • Energy absorbers
  • Sturdy systems for Fall-arrest systems;
  • Body lowering harnesses;
  • Rescue lifting

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