Different Types of Leather Hand Gloves and Their Uses

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We all know that hand gloves are an integral part of PPE kits. Workers of different industries have to wear them to keep their hands safe and protected while working in a hazardous environment. Among all the materials used in making hand gloves, leather is the most popular ones. They have characteristics that make them one of the most favorites for workers in different industries.

However, you can choose different types of leather hand gloves with specific features and are made for different industries.

Types of Leather Hand Gloves You Can Use

Cowhide Leather Hand Gloves

Cowhide is one of the most common types of leather hide used to make protective and professional gloves. They are popular because of their abrasion-resistant properties, comfort, low cost, and durability. They are heat-resistant, which makes them a perfect use for industries where workers need to deal with heat and abrasion.

Pigskin Leather Gloves

Pigskin leather gloves stay cool and become softer with use. This happens because of its porous nature. If you work in an ambiance where protection, comfort, and flexible movement are required, you can choose Pigskin leather gloves to experience ultimate satisfaction. They provide safety and durability too. The water-resistance feature makes them perfect for various commercial applications.

Deerskin Leather Gloves

Deerskin is popular in the industry of leather gloves. It is famous for its soft and pliable characteristics. It is strong and naturally abrasion-resistant. However, after prolonged wear, grim and dirt can seep into your gloves. Your hand’s natural oil will also propagate across the surface of the gloves. You can use cornstarch to soak up grime, dirt, and oil after use.

Goatskin Leather Gloves

Goatskin is considered the strongest variant for most commercial and industrial applications. The dexterity and strength of Goatskin leather ensure the complete protection of your hands from various hazards. They can protect your hands from harsh weather, heat, cuts, and sparks.

Leather Hand Gloves

The Use of Various Leather Hand Gloves

Each of these leather gloves provides distinct types of dexterity, comfort, protection, and durability. Some of these leather gloves are good for people working with sparks and hazardous chemicals. Some can offer extreme protection from cuts. Some leather gloves are good for workers who work with water and heat.

You can choose from the top three varieties;

  1. Driving gloves that are pretty much comfortable and suitable for almost any application.
  2. Welding gloves have high heat resistance and can be used in heavy-duty industries for better hand protection.
  3. Palm gloves are cost-effective and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

At Ghosh Exports, you can get different kinds of leather gloves suitable for different types of industrial and commercial applications. You need to choose the right products per your project and industry type to obtain the desired protection for your workers.

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