Factors that Stop Workers from Wearing their Protective Gloves

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Often, workers in factories prefer not to wear their protective gloves while handling sharp and risky objects. This is not because they do not care for the safety of their hands. This is simply because there are many hassles and inconveniences attached to the process of wearing and removing gloves that they prefer to work barehanded.

However, as the owner of a business or the team’s supervisor, it is your responsibility to check if they are wearing the protective gloves properly or not. You should talk to them and ask why they are not feeling good about it.

Why Workers Do Not Like Protective Gloves

Hassles and Inconvenience

Most of the time, the workers do not want to experience the hassles and inconvenience attached to wearing protective gloves and working with them. If the gloves are not easy-to-wear and easy-to-remove, then they will disturb the workers. They do not wish to experience that hassle every time they use it.

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Discomfort and Stiffness

Though most of the protective gloves are made keeping the matter of comfort in mind, some fail to provide the service to a certain standard. Gloves those are not very comfortable to wear for long hours cannot get your workers’ votes. They would rather prefer to work barehanded instead of wearing those uncomfortable gloves throughout their shift. They do not want to experience that stiffness and discomfort in their hands which will not let them work properly.

The Solution

Instead of blaming the workers for not wearing gloves, check the factors that stop them from doing so. Wear the gloves on your own and see how comfortably and conveniently you can move your hand and fingers. You should discuss the points of discomfort with your workers to understand the issue.

While providing protective gloves to your workers, you need to focus on three things most;

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Convenience

The gloves must provide adequate protection to the hands of your workers. At the same time, they must make their hands move comfortably without any hassle. They must be easy to wear and easy to remove as well.

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