How Gloves Can Prevent Hand Injuries in Common Dangers

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There are several industries where the workers need to put themselves in danger to execute their daily works. In such cases, their hands get most affected due to accidents and injuries. Hand injuries put them in great distress because that reduces their efficiency. Hence, it is crucial to ensure the safety of their hands while working on dangerous situations at a site.

There are some definite types of works and some specific industries which increase the risk of having hand injuries for the workers.

What Kind of Jobs Increase the Risks

  • Exposure to hot elements, electricity, sparks and flames in the worksite
  • Handling materials that contain asbestos, sheet metal, glass and lead
  • Working with sharp objects like knives, sharp tools, ductworks
  • Handling sensitive materials while working for glazing, electrical and HVAC industry
  • Pouring, washing and handling acidic materials or other toxic chemicals

The fact is most of the hand injuries are preventable if the workers, as well as the employers, stay alert about a few things. Using gloves in a hazardous workplace is a great way to prevent such injuries.

How Can Gloves Protects Your Hands

  1. These gloves are designed and manufactured to protect the hands of the workers who deal in hostile situations every day.
  2. While some of these gloves can withstand blade and knife cuts; the others can protect your hands from chemical reactions.
  3. You can have different types of gloves come in different sizes as per the work pattern of several industries; choose accordingly.
  4. These gloves are made of materials that can deal with chemicals and sharp objects.
  5. Not all types of gloves are suitable for all kinds of works and industries; hence you need to be careful while choosing the gloves.
  6. Take one or two pairs of gloves for trail and use them carefully to check if they are well enough for your daily hazards or not.
  7. Choose the gloves based on their materials, thickness, design and pattern so that your hands can stay protected in a critical environment.

Leather Hand Gloves

How to Choose the Right Product

Recognise the type of work you do at your site before you decide the kind of gloves you need. Do a bit of research about the kinds of gloves available for your specific industry so that you can have something useful. Nothing is more important than your safety; hence, you should get the best thing from the market.

Contact the top leather gloves manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Check their reputation and experience as a manufacturer. Ensure that the supplier will be able to offer you the right kind of products as per your requirement and budget.

Ghosh Exports can offer you a range of leather gloves and other leather protective clothing that will suit your needs perfectly. Our products can be used in different industries to ensure the safety of the workers.

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