PPE or Personal Protective Equipment: Key Factors to Know

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Personal Protective Equipment PPE does exactly the same as what it says. It protects individuals from personal accidents and injuries. PPE use may seem simple and easy. But, there are various aspects that safety experts should be aware of about the correct use of PPE to ensure its utmost efficiency.

Before you go to a reputable PPE manufacturer in India to buy PPE kits in bulk for your company, it is better to be aware of their uses and efficiency.

What is PPE?

People who work in hostile situations where the chances of having accidents and injuries or death are higher than in other professions need to wear a special kind of custom to protect themselves from risks.

What Type of PPE Should be Worn?

From head to foot – every part of their body should be kept protected during daily operations.

PPE kits include various items according to the safety requirements of various industries. For example, people who work with sharp objects must wear protective gloves to keep their hands safe. They may not need helmets. On the other hand, people who work at height must use helmets to avoid head injuries.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the right kind of PPE items according to the type of work your workers execute daily at your site.

Is PPE Mandatory?

Industries like construction, manufacturing or shipping and transport must have workers with proper PPE kits. Fire-fighters, civil engineers, architecture, glass and glazing experts, window cleaners, roofers and tree surgeons should also wear necessary PPE objects to ensure safety while working in hostile situations at various sites.

Wearing PPE is mandatory for all of them as per the workers’ safety regulations in India. Besides, you cannot claim your accidental insurance coverage if you or your workers did not have PPE at the time of the accident. Hence, it is necessary to wear PPE to get the benefits of your workplace accident insurance policies.

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