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When you work in hazardous places, you need to be more careful about your safety. Wearing PPE is a must to keep you safe while working on such areas. Most of the time, hands are injured more than any other body parts. This is because you typically use your hands to hold and move things at the workplace. Whether you work in a chemical factory, a restaurant or a glass factory – your hands deal with a lot o risky tasks daily. Only a good quality safety glove can protect your hands from burns and injuries.

How Hand Gloves Protects Your Hands

You might find fashionable hand gloves that bikers wear as an accessory. People also wear hand gloves to protect their hands from freezing colds during winter months; especially at hilly regions. However, gloves that come with the PPE kit are designed and manufactured with more serious goals. They intend to protect your hands from injuries and burns that are common in hostile worksites.

From construction sites to chemical laboratories and from the medical industry to machine manufacturing factories – you can see extensive and regular use of these gloves in all these sectors.

These hand gloves are made of materials like leather, rubber, metal and wool. The material is determined based on the type of works or the industry’s pattern where the product would be used. For example, metal gloves are generally used in sectors where people need to deal with sharp objects. On the other hand, various rubber gloves are used in chemical factories and labs, based on their chemicals.

Water repellent gloves

Most Common Types of Gloves

  • Chemical-Resistant Gloves

These gloves are generally made of rubbers to protect your skin from being penetrated by harmful chemicals and other objects that can create skin issues. It protects from rashes, burns, itching and irritations.

  • Disposable Gloves

These gloves are mostly seen in medical and nursing sectors. These are one-time-wear gloves which prevent the contamination of germs and infections. People working in medical sectors, cleanroom environments, labs and facilities often wear them to avoid contamination and fingerprints.

  • Electrical Safety Gloves

Electricians wear rubber-insulated safety gloves that keep their hands and body safe from accidents that can happen due to electrical shock. Working with electrical wire and chargers is risky. Rubber is a non-conductor, and it offers voltage-resistance. Hence, your hands can remain safe while working with hazardous electrical elements.

  • Temperature-Controlling Gloves

If you work in industries where you need to deal with extremely hot or extreme cold objects, then you must wear these safety gloves. They protect your hands from getting affected by hot and cold. Workers at cold storage units or fire-fighters must wear these gloves before starting their daily shifts.

  • Cut-Resistant Gloves

They are suitable for people working with sharp objects. These gloves are useful for chefs who need to cut vegetables and meat with sharp knives. People working in metal or glass cutting factories should also wear cut-resistant gloves to avoid accidents.

While ordering the right safety gloves for your workers or yourself, you should keep your industry in mind. Understand what type of protection you want to achieve from the gloves. A perfect pair of gloves will be able to provide you with the best protection from unwanted situations and injuries.

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