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There are a few industries where people have to work with sharp objects. An easy way to keep the hands of the user protected is with cut-resistant gloves. Get in touch with a reputable cut resistant glove exporter as they use high-quality cut-resistant materials to make the gloves. Instead of choosing any random product you come across, you must consider various parameters before buying these gloves. Few of which are direction, force, the flexibility of the object, length of cut and sharpness of the blade.

They are ideal for food handling purposes as they help enhance grip on slippery surfaces. Few of the common industrial uses of cut resistant gloves are warehouse work, general maintenance, metalworking, automotive assembly and installing ductwork. There are some tasks for which you have to wear safety gloves and have the right type of application. Know the common materials used to make these gloves and it will become easier for you to choose the right Cut Resistant Gloves Exporter in India.

Common Materials Used To Make Cut-Resistant Gloves

  • Leather

    – The puncture-proof characteristics of leather makes the material ideal for safety gloves. There is a liner offering high abrasion resistance. It prevents sparks and heat from coming in contact with your hand compared to normal gloves.

  • Metal Mesh

    – The unique feature of the metal mesh cut resistant glove is the self-adjusting wrist fastening system. It offers the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility as you don’t have to fasten the straps. Its long wear life and high durability make it ideal for poultry and meat applications.

  • Knit

    – Not only do knit safety gloves reduce the chances of cuts but even handling of light cardboard and appliance assembly becomes easy. You will get a secure fit and protect your hands from contaminants.

  • Chain-mail

    – Chain-mail gloves are made with metal mesh and are widely used in food industries. They keep your hands protected from cuts when using sharp objects or knives in the kitchen.

  • Palm Coated

    – Palm coated gloves are made with durable, unique blend materials and can keep your palm protected from numerous hazards. Full coated palm gloves have a unique design and are puncture-proof.

  • Kevlar

    – If you want to invest in cut-resistant gloves offering high protection, choose Kevlar gloves. They are ideal for the automobile sector, high flame environments and heavy kitchen preparation.

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