5 Common Mistakes While Choosing Work Safety Gloves

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No matter what industry you belong to, you cannot deny the significance of your hands. These are the body parts that remain involved in all types of works you typically carry on at your workplace. Hence, it is necessary to take special care of your hands with the right work safety gloves.

However, the market of PPE offers many options to the buyers when they look for work safety gloves. All of these products have distinct features, specially manufactured for certain industries. Not all of them are excellent in quality. Investing in a particular type of glove without knowing its features can be a big threat for your workers.

Buy Work Safety Gloves: Avoid These Mistakes

Not Having Enough Information

Buying safety hand gloves without knowing about these products is a big mistake that often buyers make. It is required to know about these products, their different forms, features, pros and cons. The more you know, the better you can choose. Your knowledge will help you understand what type of gloves will be most suitable for your industry or the type of work your workers need to execute daily.

Picking the Work Safety Gloves without Risk Assessment

It is not only the gloves you are buying, but you must also assess the risks involved in your industry or site. Picking up gloves without risk assessment will lead you to buy up something which may not be a saviour for your workers. For example, if your industry involves fires and toxic chemicals, you need to understand the potential hazards related to these elements. After that, you should choose the right type of gloves to provide your hands with complete protection from fire and chemicals.

Work Safety Gloves

Buying Work Safety Gloves in Bulk without Trail

Often the business owners and the team managers make mistakes of buying work safety gloves in bulk, without any trail. Always ask for sample materials from your suppliers before placing the actual order. Use those sample gloves for a trial period to assess their pros and cons. This will help you to understand whether a certain type of glove will be efficient for your daily operations or not.

Sticking with Your Old Gloves

When it comes to buying a new kind of hand safety gloves for the workers, often the business owners become concerned about the budget. They find it a big investment that can be ignored for a while. They prefer to stick with their old gloves since these products are still working. However, every hand safety glove loses its efficiency after a certain period. You need to know about it and try to invest in new gloves before it is too late.

One Type Suits All

Your construction site might have separate groups of workers who work in different departments. Some of them handle jackhammer and similar machines while the others carry heavy loads. Both of these categories need different types of safety gloves since they work with different kinds of hazards. So the thinking about buying one glove that will be universally fitted to all your workers is a big mistake. Know the types of jobs your workers need to execute at your site and then choose the right kind of gloves for all of them.

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