5 Major Applications of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment

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In this current time, PPE has become a familiar word for all of us. We all know that PPE can protect us from infections during this pandemic. However, apart from doctors and medical professionals, other workers from different industries can use PPE for their daily operations.

PPE used in the medical industry is something different from that construction, and engineering workers use daily. There are several other industries where workers have to wear PPE or protective instruments to protect themselves from hazardous objects and ambiance.

What Are the Top Industries Where PPE Is Regularly Used?

PPE for Medical Industry

PPE has played a remarkable role in protecting frontline workers and medical staff from getting infected in this COVID 19 condition. These kits contain parts that help the medical staff cover themselves from head to toe while offering care and services to patients infected by this virus.

Oil and Gas Sector

The frontline workers in the oil and gas industry also use a special kind of PPE to keep themselves safe while working in a hazardous environment. They use protective gloves to keep their hands safe from toxic chemicals. Apart from that, there are flame-resistant clothing, steel toe boots, and safety glasses used by the workers working in oil rig locations.

PPE - Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

PPE for Construction Industry

It is another major sector where you can witness the excessive use of PPE kits. Workers working high-rises or underground at various construction sites must protect their bodies from various risks and accidents. Helmet, gloves, and boots are essential PPE parts for these workers.

Manufacturing Industry

It is one of the most critical business fields that need the huge deployment of personal protective gear. These gears become essential to avoid workplace accidents, injuries, and death in the manufacturing industry. From gloves to boots – workers should use different equipment to keep themselves out of danger.

PPE for F&B Industry

While checking the quality of food and beverages, workers need to keep themselves protected all the time. Product contamination can cause serious health issues, which will directly affect the business too. It is also important for ensuring hygiene in the food items.

These are the few common industries where you can see the use of high-quality PPE kits daily. Apart from that, in the pharmaceutical industry, people working inside labs have to wear PPE for their safety.

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