Best Work Gloves for People who Deal with Hazardous Chemicals

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According to recent researches, the percentage of hand injury is recorded 40% to 60% among the total recordable workplace injuries in India. That means, your hands are on high risk; especially if you work in a place where you need to put your hands in dangers every day.

People who deal with hazardous chemicals in the workplace must look for the right kind of gloves to protect their hands from all these injuries. Apart from the right size and fit there are other things that one must consider while buying gloves for the workplace to avoid injuries.

Types of Work Gloves Good for You

Cotton Work Gloves

Though this is the most common type of gloves you can find in every factory and warehouses, cotton gloves are not able to offer complete protection to your hands from chemical hazards. They can cover your skin from direct exposure to heat or sharp objects, but will not be able to protect your hands from cut or burns.

Coated Fabric Gloves

From this type of gloves, you can expect one step above protection than the previous one. These coated gloves can protect your hands from cuts and chemical injuries to some extent. However, you should choose the type of coating based on the type of job you do.

Latex and Rubber Gloves

The rubber gloves are perfect for getting full protection for your hands from chemical hazardous at the workplace. Thus, you can see the excessive use of these gloves in laboratories and medical settings where people need to deal with different kinds of chemicals. When you need complete protection for your hands from chemicals, biohazards, solvents, and other injurious substances, then latex or rubber gloves are your best option. Leather gloves are also good for such jobs.

Leather Gloves

Kevlar Work Gloves

When you look for something durable and protective, Kevlar gloves should be at the top of your list. These patterns of gloves are specially made for hazardous workplaces. They are the ideal selection for industrial uses where people may need to handle sharp machinery or chemicals. The material is lightweight but strong enough to provide your hands with enough protection from burns, cuts and other types of injuries. The gloves provide your hands with extremely movability yet never feel heavy on them.

Butyl Rubber Gloves

While working with chemicals, butyl rubber gloves should be your ideal choice. Since they are made of rubber, these gloves never absorb liquids they come in contact with. Hence, you can directly pour your hand into chemicals while wearing these gloves without any risks. They can also withstand cold and hot temperatures as well as ozone corrosion and abrasion.

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