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Hand injuries and or cuts are some of the most common types of fatalities faced by workers. The BLS or The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 41%of all the injuries are hand-cut injuries. Hence, we suggest the workers wear cut resistant gloves. However, the trick is knowing the right cut levels to ensure maximum protection and flexibility in work.

To know about the actual cut levels in the worker’s gloves, you have to take a close review of the ANSI performance cut levels along with its cut ratings. Cut resistance is the protection that the workers get from a pair of gloves against slashing from the blades, sharp machinery edges, glass etc. The levels categorize the toughness standard of the gloves’ fabric that offer appropriate shielding besides fine motor control. Hence, the proper glove application provides accurate balance while working.

The Cut Resistance Gloves Levels

The American National Standards Institute or ANSI provides cut resistance ratings against the gloves. In 2016, ISEA and ANSI released a modified scaling system with 9 levels of protection. The levels indicate the grams of the cutting load that any glove can withstand when hit by a sharp blade before penetrating inside.

  • A1: 200 – 499 grams
  • A2: 500 – 999 grams
  • A3: 1000 – 1499 grams
  • A4: 1500 – 2199 grams
  • A5: 2200 – 2999 grams
  • A6: 3000 – 3999 grams
  • A7: 4000 – 4999 grams
  • A8: 5000 – 5999 grams
  • A9: 6000+ grams

Hence, cut protection ranges from 0 to 6000 grams after tests are done based on the Tomodynamometer Method. In this, the operatives move the blade against the fabric material. They analyze it by checking the weight needed to cut the gloves. The higher it is, the higher is the level of resistance.

Cut resistant gloves

The Capacity of Different Cut Levels

  1. Cut Level 1

This offers the lowest level of protection against sharp objects. However, these gloves provide enhanced dexterity and are great for handling tedious work like packaging and object handling.

  1. Cut Level 2

It offers slightly greater protection against level 1 and is prioritized to protect against sharp objects. However, it is not ideal for constant hazards. They are thin and have more flexibility. They are handy in warehouses, shipping, packing, automotive work, and others.

  1. Cut Level 3

It offers moderate levels of protection; however, it is the best of both worlds. You get security and but not at the expense of agility and hand control. You can wear them while dealing with sharp objects daily. Use them for electronic and light construction work, plumbing, warehousing etc.

  1. Cut Level 4

These gloves are sturdy and provide adequate protection against blades and sharp edges of the steel. You can suitably use them for construction, steel and automotive purposes, industrial purposes etc.

  1. Cut Level 5

It provides the highest range of protection against the hazardous environment. It would be best if you chose to wear these gloves for maximum range of protection against sharp blades and cuts. The gloves are also resistant to frequent wear and tear, abrasion, puncture, and more.

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