What are the Different Types of Leather Gloves?

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When it comes to selecting leather gloves for industrial workplaces, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Leather is an ideal material for making gloves due to its strength and durability. The quality of leather varies, so selecting the right one is important.

Different Types of Leather Gloves

Cowhide leather gloves –

This is one of the most common types of professional work gloves. It is highly economical and available most of the time in the market. The cowhide leather gloves have high dexterity, durability, and strength. They have higher levels of puncture and abrasion resistance properties. The leather quality is the best for keeping your hands warm. However, this type of gloves has drawbacks too.

It provides limited breathability to the person wearing it. When it gets wet, it dries stiffly and loses its flexibility over time. You can use the glove for a wide array of applications like for the automotive industry, industrial workplace, packaging and landscaping industry, construction industry, etc.

Split Leather –

Split leather, also known as suede, is associated with the skin of larger animals. The experts remove this leather from the hide of the animal skin. Since it is extremely thick, they perform leather splitting into cross-sections and layers. The bottom layer is called split leather, which is used to make gloves.

The split leather is resistant to abrasion because of the interweaving of the dense fibers. It has an excellent puncture-resistant feature when compared to other types. It is resistant to water and is less expensive. Besides, it is good for applications for oil absorption.

Pig Leather Gloves –

Leather gloves made from pigskin provide ample breathability because of the porous texture of the skin. With more use, the gloves turn softer and resist moisture. Hence the product does not turn stiff at all. You can clean them in the laundry without losing their shape or function.

Pigskin leather gloves ensure complete safety, durability, and comfort while wearing them in industrial workplaces.

Deer Leather Gloves –

The gloves made out of deer leather gloves are the warmest. The skin is softer, comfortable, flexible, and long-wearing when compared to cowhide gloves. The skin of deer is strong and resistant to abrasion. Although comfortable, it has its drawback too. After continued use, the dirt and grime start seeping into the leather. The natural oil starts spreading all over the glove surface. You can mitigate this by using cornstarch to soak the oil.

Now, since you know about leather gloves, you can buy them from reputable hand gloves manufacturers for use at industrial workplaces.

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